Drum Washers
Model DWS-150

Save money and minimize employee exposure in complying with EPA and DOT "Triple Rinse" requirements for toxic 55 gallon chemical drums. Our system is easy to set up and use.

Mesa West certifies that Model DWS-150 meets "empty, drip dry rinsed" as defined by the State of California Title 22 66261,7 CCR and EPA RCRA 261.7 40 CFR

The Model DWS-150 comes with the following features:


  • 1/2" thick Polypropylene Construction
  • 316 Stainless Steel 360 Degree rotating Nozzel
  • Auto-Start Button
  • Adjustable Spray Time (.6 - 60 seconds)
  • Emergency Stop
  • Manual Spray Gun with Hose
  • 1/2" Water Inlet
  • 1/2" Drain Outlet
  • 115/1/60Hz, 5 Amp, 6 Foot Cord and Plug
  • Save time and money while complying with State and Federal environmental regulations.