about us

We Are The Design Specialists

Mesa West International, Inc. is a leading supplier of metal finishing equipment, systems and accessories for the plating industry.

In 1971, Mesa West was created in a direct response to manufacturers in electronics, aerospace and other industries' need for high quality wet processing equipment to meet their production requirements in electroplating and surface finishing.

Located in Southern California, Mesa West has been providing process equipment and systems for over 35 years. We are committed to providing a wide variety of equipment and application-specific solutions to meet all of your equipment needs.

Everything we build is carefully designed to combine high-quality components and expert engineering with cost effective pricing.

Mesa West designs and builds custom equipment and control systems for several industries including Aerospace, Electronic, Automotive, and General Finishing. Our diversified and experienced in design manufacturing allows us to provide anything from small manual tanks to completely automated turn-key systems. All of our equipment is designed to be affordable, easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Our commitment to quality and innovation provides Mesa West customers competitive pricing, custom engineered solutions with ongoing service and support. Made in the USA, designed and manufactured at our Southern California facility.

Service & Solutions

  • Design & FabricationWe design and manufacture our equipment and controls right here in the USA.
  • Installation & SetupAll of our products and equipment comes with expert installation, service and support.