automatic systems

Mesa West automated process lines are custom engineered and built to suit your production requirements.  Proven production control software manages the hoist system and provides and easy to sue graphic user interface.

We offer Fixed Timeway operation for maximum throughput and Random Scheduling software for maximum flexibility.

All of our software is pre-installed and tested. We also provide full training and support services.

Side Arm Hoists

The Aries hoist transporter fully compliments the advanced capabilities of the computer control system.

High torque motors combined with encoder based positioning provides reliable positioning and smooth acceleration/deceleration to eliminate part sway.

Serveral models are available:

  • 150# capacity
  • 250# capacity
  • 500# capacity

Overhead Hoists

For heavier loads and larger tanks, Mesa West offers and overhead hoist system.

Rated for 1000#, this model handles large loads and has free-standing structure.

PC-6000 Control Software

The PC-6000 is an automation and control software system which can monitor and control a number of hoist transporters and tank devices. The control is accomplished through and Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC. The system includes a color touch-screen as the operator interface.

The PC-6000 is unique in the that nearly all characteristics of your process can be user configured in the field, including changes to process sequence, dwell times, drip times, device times and device status.

The system features a "load screen" which allows users to determine the time of day in which a load will be returned to the unloading station. As the loads are stacked in the matrix, the system tells the user when the load will be picked up and when it will be returned. The user can continually alter the input mix in order to meet production requirements and maximize throughput..

All our tanks come with a 5 Year Guarantee.